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Outou ([personal profile] outou) wrote on June 12th, 2010 at 02:23 pm
Personal Entry No. 55
So, it's been, um, over a month since I last posted here. I'm so sorry that I've missed all of your posts since then! Please update me on things in the comments.

I'm typing this from my (very small) room at Middlebury College, which is nothing short of beautiful; apparently the school was the most expensive college in the United States at some point, which certainly shows in the architecture of the buildings. The very small room has a great view of the campus and the hills in the distance, and the residence hall is a wonder to look at. This is good, because my mattress feels like poured concrete. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep for the past few days due to all of the traveling, so I almost cried when I laid down on it.

I spent the weeks between coming home and arriving at Middlebury with my family -- e.g., cleaning the house, making meals, and slaying "big monsters with big weapons" in Monster Hunter Tri.1 (That game is a bundle of contradictions: it's the same thing over and over again, yet it doesn't get old!) It was good -- I appreciate the time I can spend with them a lot more these days, even when my siblings get on my nerves. There's a large photo post coming up; I just need to get over two hours to myself to upload the pictures and code it, since the opening weekend for the Russian Language School has been a parade of registrations, exams, and mandatory social events. Things should settle down once I get a daily schedule, fortunately!

We'll be taking the Language Pledge® (yes, Middlebury actually trademarked it) tomorrow night, which means that my ability to use any language other than Russian will be very limited from June 14 to August 13. From Middlebury's website:

All Language School students agree to abide by the Language Pledge, a formal commitment to speak, listen, read, and write the language of study as the only means of communication for the entire summer session. It is the foundation of all of our intensive immersion programs. The Language Pledge originated at the Language Schools and the term is a registered trademark of Middlebury College.

We know that it is important for students to maintain contact with their families [the Student Handbook includes "friends" here]. We can't say how much is necessary for each person, so we ask that you keep contacts which are not in your School's language to the absolute minimum that you feel you need.

I consider you to be friends, and I'd like to be able to keep in touch with you ([livejournal.com profile] ju_jei, [livejournal.com profile] fetterless, and [livejournal.com profile] countersparking can communicate in both English and Russian, but they're the only ones -- and [livejournal.com profile] countersparking would probably knock out my teeth if I only used Russian with her). As such, I think I can "keep to the spirit of the Pledge" while maintaining my presence online. I know that I shouldn't be saying something like that when I've been completely gone for a month, but -- blast it, it was an eventful month!

[Poll #1577589]

Also, a Fandom To-Do List!

  • Finish typing up background tutorial for [livejournal.com profile] momoizumu
  • Finish coloring prepared icon bases
  • Color FMA 108 and Tegami Bachi bases
  • Finish the request drawings, if the requesters actually remember them (I am so ashamed)
  • Get back on my feet with updates

All that aside: most of my fandoms have exploded, apparently. I haven't yet read the promotional materials for The Neverending Manga xxxHOLiC's move to Bessatsu Shonen, though -- and I haven't actually read the new chapter, either. Apparently nothing important happened, but then again, nothing important has happened for the entirety of "Rou." It might be a good idea to just leave it alone and come back to it in five years.

I have read the final chapter of FMA, and...I could write a longer post on it later, and I most likely will. I'll just say that I enjoyed it very much, and that it hit mostly the right points for me. That means that I almost cheered out loud at how awesome it was.

1One of the developers literally said that the series is based on killing really big monsters with really big weapons. At least someone is being honest about the real reason video games exist, right?
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