18 June 2011 @ 11:42 am
Personal Entry No. 69  
How long has it been since I wrote here? May and June have passed by very quickly -- I should have made better use of them.

I'm posting this from the hotel in Washington, D.C. that's hosting us CLS participants; while there is a lone USB cable in the lobby that provides free Internet access, Wi-Fi or ethernet cables come with extra charges, so my browsing freedom is restricted. It's difficult to adjust to, given how easily I can access the Internet at my university or at home! (And considering how plentiful Wi-Fi must be here, why do hotels get away with making their guests pay for it? It was to be expected, I suppose.) It will be more difficult to get on the Internet in Vladimir, but hopefully I'll be able to purchase a Wi-Fi card or make other arrangements -- I want to stay in touch with my family, and tell you about what happens there, too.

My flight leaves today at 4:55 p.m., and will arrive in Moscow at 10:55 a.m. To be honest, I'm pretty scared.

Still, we had a good and detailed orientation (it lasted nine hours!), and I've received a lot of emotional support from my family and friends, so I should do my best to be brave. It's a study trip, not a military assignment.

Now for some frothy fandom talk! Frothing monsters not included. )

Since I've been away for so long, can you please tell me about how you've been doing? Are you all doing okay? What exciting adventures have you undertaken, or are about to undertake? An inquiring mind wants to know!
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16 May 2009 @ 02:59 pm
Icon Post No. 1  
These were made over the course of four months, so the icons span a range of quality and styles (i.e., some look as though I've ripped off CLAMP, others look as though I've ripped off scape, and still others look as though they were tossed into the pop blender of peril). If there are any that you think can and should be improved, please tell me! I'll try to fix them for you.

On to the icons!

[04] Angelic Layer
[20] Card Captor Sakura
[06] Clover
[11] Kobato.
[43] xxxHOLiC
[06] Miscellaneous CLAMP works


preview 01 preview 02 preview 03

138 icons beyond the cut. )