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Personal Entry No. 65

In much, much more important news, Tripoli is pretty much in chaos as Col. Gaddafi's government violently strikes down protestors -- not just with guns, but with bombs. Yes, it has actually been confirmed that Gaddafi ordered fighter plane pilots to drop bombs on the protesters.

The Libyan Justice Minister, many embassy staffers, and several Libyan diplomats have resigned in protest, with the country's representative in the U.N. calling for Gaddafi's resignation (and with the U.N. itself, at the moment, offering not much more than a slap on the wrist). Al Jazeera is running a livestream of the protests, but it's currently offline. Mobile networks are offline, too, and it's apparently impossible to make an international call on the landlines -- making the already difficult job of reporting from Libya even worse. That may very well be why other states have been so slow to react to the violence, but...surely, we have seen the international community react more strongly against events with even less evidence for support, right?

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] the_sun_is_up has more links here, including some detailing what you can do to help.
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I really wish our government would set aside its oil ties just long enough to condemn this straight-up genocide. International relations should rarely be viewed in terms of "black and white," but there's just no room for wavering here!