outou: (Who hath desired the Sea?)

In June of the human realm, all fragrant and beautiful flowers have disappeared.

But the mountain temple’s peach blossoms have just begun to bloom.

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Birthdate:Apr 6
Location:United States of America

We may choose something like a star
Feel free to add me to your friends list, but please send me a message if you do! I like to know the people who, for lack of a better phrase, want to know me. Don't worry, I don't bite!

I'm currently majoring in both Russian Language/Culture and Sino-Japanese Studies, with a minor in International Relations. All other relevant information can be found with interest and ingenuity.

This journal was originally intended to showcase the graphics I make, which are now hosted at [info]momoizumu; I still occasionally post "artwork" here, which mostly consists of works-in-progress. The nebula you see here, the cloudscape in the "welcome" post, and the header of the icon journal were all painted by me.

The poem referenced here is Robert Frost's "Choose Something Like a Star," while the title of this journal is part of Bai Juyi's "Peach Blossoms at Dalin Temple." The style sheet used for this journal was made by [info]minimally, and the profile code was made by [info]fruitstyle. Thank you!

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( ´д`)ノ(´・ω・`) ナデナデ, alexandr solzhenitsyn, american literature, animated films, anna akhmatova, anna netrebko, anton chekhov, astronomy, babette's feast, baten kaitos, baten kaitos is underappreciated, beyond good and evil, boktai, brave story, buildings overgrown with plants, c.s. lewis, canned peaches, capitalization (really!), card captor sakura, casablanca, cats of all sorts, cave story, charles dickens, cherry blossoms, chinese classical novels, chinese epics, chinese history, chinese poetry, chrysanthemums, clamp, clementines, clover, diana damrau, disgaea, don marquis, english literature, everyone should like shakespeare, f. scott fitzgerald, fair trade, fencing, final fantasy tactics, fullmetal alchemist, fyodor dostoyevsky, graphic design, hagaren, handel, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki's films, haydn, hi-chews, hotel dusk, how about them krogans, hydrangea, hydrangeas, icon making, icon-making, illustration, japanese cooking, japanese folklore, japanese history, japanese literature, japanese poetry, japanese tchotchkes, joe hisaishi, journey to the west, lewis carroll, lucky bamboo, maaya sakamoto, mass effect, metroid, miyuki miyabe, monster hunter, monster hunter tri, natsume sōseki, nikolai gogol, o. henry, okami, old american films, old books, old japanese films, old russian films, old streets, origami, painting, pasta, peaches, pear blossoms, pearl s. buck, playing video games, pokemon, professor layton, protection of labor rights, purcell, rain's effects on plants, range murata, reading, russian films, russian folk songs, russian folklore, russian literature, russian poetry, sakuma drops, satoshi kon, saturn peaches, sketching, smoked cheese, snapdragons, studio ghibli, suga shikao, susanna clarke, susumu hirasawa, tegami bachi, the chinese classics, the legend of zelda, the russian ark, the sea, the stars, the tales series, tomoyo harada, trees of all sorts, umineko, utagawa hiroshige, varlam shalamov, venusaur, wagashi, white peaches, yellow peaches, yokohama kaidashi kikou, yoshitoshi abe, yotsuba&!, yotsubato
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